Say It with a Handwritten Card

buy bulk greeting cardsWhen you, as a retailer, buy wholesale greeting cards to carry in your store for your retail customers, you’re making an excellent buying decision. Greeting cards give each customer a special communication resource. Nothing else quite says or does what a greeting card, filled with beautiful handwritten sentiment, can do. “I love you“ means a lot more to someone when it’s written by a loved one, inside a greeting card, which they chose just for their special person.

To me, it’s a little disconcerting that some educators consider cursive handwriting out of fashion. Some want to stop teaching handwriting in favor of the faster, more [Read more...]

When People Care, they Send a Card – Greeting Card Businesses Make Special Moments Possible

greeting card wholesalerAs a greeting card wholesaler, it’s easy to forget the exact scope of what it is that you do. When you provide greeting cards for retail stores, you’re providing so much more than a piece of card stock, printed with colorful images or funny pictures, clever sayings or heartfelt sentiments. You’re helping someone create a real memory.

This hit home for me awhile back when I was in a store refilling some cards in a retailer’s display. As I was placing the cards in their proper places, I happened to notice a woman carefully selecting a card. There was nothing unusual in that. People spend a lot of time when they venture out to a retail store to find cards. That’s still nothing [Read more...]