Say It with a Handwritten Card

buy bulk greeting cardsWhen you, as a retailer, buy wholesale greeting cards to carry in your store for your retail customers, you’re making an excellent buying decision. Greeting cards give each customer a special communication resource. Nothing else quite says or does what a greeting card, filled with beautiful handwritten sentiment, can do. “I love you“ means a lot more to someone when it’s written by a loved one, inside a greeting card, which they chose just for their special person.

To me, it’s a little disconcerting that some educators consider cursive handwriting out of fashion. Some want to stop teaching handwriting in favor of the faster, more efficient keyboard. What a sad thought. A person’s handwriting is unique to them. One’s natural handwriting can identify who they are. When someone writes in a card with a pen, it’s like sending a little piece of themselves out as a greeting. When we receive a handwritten card, it’s unique. There is not another one exactly like it anywhere in the world, and it represents the writer in a special way. Do we want to lose that?

What Makes a Handwritten Card So Special?

Click, click, click, send. That’s the way it’s going these days. People text or post their quick sentiments. Their sentiments may be heartfelt and real, but you wouldn’t know it by the ease and casual nature of these electronic greetings. Admit it – how many people have you wished “Happy Birthday” to on Facebook… and you barely know the person. It’s cheap, it’s effortless, and… let’s face it… it’s not always that sincere. When you receive someone’s text message wishing you a greeting, how often do you look at it, display it or think about it afterwards?

Now imagine your customer buying a card that perfectly fits the person and occasion. You bought some quality greeting cards wholesale, so you have exactly what they need. After they pick out the cards and pay for them – an investment of their time and money, they take them home, to spend more time thinking about what they really want to write, then use their best handwriting to pen their sentiments, feelings and thoughts.

Your retail customer might be a husband, wife, lover, friend, or family member. Perhaps it’s someone who has begun to reach out to someone with whom they’ve been estranged for years. They might write a letter, but sometimes that’s too long and complicated. A greeting card focuses their words and concentrates a passionate sentiment in a way that a rambling letter cannot. The right card with the right words is a very real and personal gift. A handwritten card shows a commitment to their sentiment, which a text message can’t begin to convey.

Encouraging a Dying Art

Some say handwriting is a dying art. I disagree. It’s got competition, but the act of handwriting a greeting card is far superior to anything out there. Many people will always chose to handwrite a card for the right occasion. Your offering of distinctive greeting cards in a variety of price ranges is not only profitable, but contributes to the quality of life for the people who shop in your store. Here are some reasons to continue investing in this great art form;

  • There will always be consumers wanting greeting cards.
  • People will always want keepsakes and something memorable to put with gifts.
  • Handwritten cards are more meaningful and permanent than digital greetings. Offering quality cards, you’re making the world a genuinely more connected place.

Cards that are handwritten are a genuine expression of our thoughts and emotions. When you carry greeting cards, you provide your customers a means of putting into words what is already in their hearts. It’s not your typical product like soap or apple juice. Unlike most consumer items, greeting cards convey meaning, emotions, and the stuff of life. It makes your shop or store a special destination place, because cards are there.

George Jackson


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